Build the perfect cradle bed for your baby

Do you want your baby to have the most amazing and unique cradle bed?  You can think about building yourself. Like this, you can offer your baby a cradle that will fit his needs and personality and you will have the satisfaction of doing something to please your baby.


  1. Find out the measurements of the cradle by measuring the space in the baby room.
    And do not forget that the cradle needs to rock back and forth, so is better to leave at least 6 inches of space on either side.
  2. Decide about the type of wood you want to use for the bed portion: plywood or standard wood planks; is better if you choose thicker lumber planks for the support system and sides.
  3. After you decided the style of the bed, start first with the base of the bed to prevent splintering. Continue by adding the sides and secure them with nails or screws. Make sure that your cradle bed has no sharp edges that could harm the baby. If you have bars on the sides of the cradle see if the space between them is safe, not allowing the baby to harm himself.
  4. For painting the bed, buy a lead free paint that does not come off because babies have the habit of placing everything in their mouth. If you prefer staining, use a stain that does not contain chemicals. You can always add a layer of baby-safe glaze to protect him from any chemicals.
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