Cleaning a nursery crib

Nursery cribs are very important for your baby because they represent the place where he or she sleeps, play and stays most of the time. That is why you should clean it very well if you want to prevent bacteria build-up and keep your baby safe. Here is how you can do this work efficiently:

 Move the baby from the crib

 Put your baby in a playpen or an infant swing to keep him or her safe.

Ask the help of an adult in the house to take care of him or her while you clean the crib.

Empty the crib

 Remove all the items in the crib before you start cleaning it. Check any corner or slat for stuck toys or any other things.

Clean the bedding

Put the pillows and bedding into a large bowl filled with hot water and let them there for a few minutes. Use an antibacterial mild detergent to clean them; rinse them very well for a few times. If the bedding cannot be washed, clean them with a sponge and soapy water. Use another sponge and water to rinse them.

Some bedding cannot be cleaned using a washing machine, so read the manufacturer’s instructions before doing this work. Put the mattress into a sunny place and let it get dry. Use the vacuum cleaner to absorb all the dirt in your baby’s crib bedding.

 Scrub the surface of the crib

Fill a bucket with water and add some mild detergent. Soak a piece of fabric or a sponge into the mixture and clean very attentively every corner, edge and side of the crib. Remove any spit and feces spot to prevent bacteria build-up.

Let the crib get dry

Allow the crib get dry for a time or absorb the moisture with a dry towel. Put a light blanket or a pillow inside the crib and some safe toys. Do not wash the bedding in your baby’s nursery crib with other dirty clothes.

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