Homemade bedding for your baby's crib

Buying all the necessary bedding for your baby’s crib may be very expensive and you may not even afford this. But you can have all these necessary things to a lower cost if you do them yourself. Sewing bedding for your baby’s crib is funny and offers you the possibility to personalize them.

Number of pieces

You can choose to create a three-pieces set that includes a dust ruffle, a quilt and a bumper. If you have enough free time and patience you can also make a pillow, a blanket or any other bedding accessory you want.

Deciding on the fabric and pattern

The most popular fabrics used for crib bedding are cotton and fleece because they are soft and can be very easily cleaned. Choose the textile design in order to fit the theme, style and color in your baby’s room. You can also use the pattern books from various manufacturers to make your choice.

Dimensions of the crib

 Before buying the fabric, you have to measure the dimensions of the crib. Buy a larger amount than you need and also achieve the thread in order to make sure they work together.

Imitate the pattern

Use a pattern to measure the crib bedding parts; you can achieve a ready-made pattern or you can make one from heavy tissue paper. In order to cut out the crib bedding items use a yard stick. Do not cut the shapes of the bedding items at the exact size; add a 5/8 inch surplus to all sides. Do not apply this action when you cut out the fabric to create the batting.

Get the bumper and the quilt ready

To start creating the bumper and the quilt, sew the hems of the right sides closed. Don’t forget to leave a five-inches wide ditch for the batting. Put the batting on the bumper and start rolling it in order to turn the bumper inside out. Sew the holes closed and add several ties to the bumper; fasten them to the crib’s rails.

Get the dust ruffle ready

 To prepare the dust ruffle you need one end panel (much longer than the length of the mattress), two side panels and one sheet of cloth that is suitable for the crib’s mattress size. Sew three of the sides of the panel and bring the highest hems together to fit the mattress. All you have to do now is to stitch the panels to the basic piece of cloth.

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