Learn to paint your baby’s furniture with your own hands

Painting your baby’s nursery furniture with your own hands is both funny and a great way to save money. Besides that, you can get a personalized look that enhances the rest of the nursery’s design. This article will present you some important steps to follow in order to do this work.


Sandpaper, wet piece of fabric, foam brush, art brush, synthetic brush, knot sealer, pencil, acrylic paint, dry sponges, stencils, high-quality waterproof polyurethane sealer and stamp pad with ink are what you need.

Prepare the wood

Remove any old paint or lacquer from the furniture using 80 or 180 grit sandpaper, depending on the roughness of the spots.

Seal the knots

Seal all the knots in the furniture using a foam brush otherwise the paint will leak out into the wood. After the first layer has dried, apply another one. Let it dry for about one hour and sand the knots.

Apply the primer

 Clean the dust resulted from your previous operation and then wipe the area using a wet piece of fabric. Apply a layer of primer and let it dry for about 48 hours. Use a 180 grit sandpaper to sand the primer. Clean the dust using a wet piece of fabric. Apply another layer of primer, let it get dry and remove the dust with a wet piece of fabric.

Apply the paint

Before applying the paint, stir it very well. Apply the first layer of paint; it should be designed along with the train of the wood. Let it get dry and apply a second layer. Depending on the type of furniture, you’ll need to apply two or several layers of paint to obtain an impeccable finish. Take care to let each paint layer dry very well before applying another one.


You can personalize your baby’s furniture by making different free hand drawings or using patterns. You can also make some dots on the surface of the wood using a pencil or you can paint different ornaments into the furniture with acrylic. You can even write your baby’s name on the furniture using funny and irregular letters. Another interesting idea is to paint different animal shapes or flowers using stencils. A dry sponge is also very useful if you cut it out in various shapes and use paint to stamp it onto the furniture.

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