Standard crib mattresses and organic crib mattresses

Although many parents have bought a nursery crib and have painted and decorated theirs baby room there is still one thing to do in order to complement the nursery – deciding between a standard crib mattress and an organic one. In order to help you make the right choice, this article will present you some important things about this subject.

Standard crib mattress

Standard crib mattresses are usually made of polyurethane foam and provide a soft and firm support for your baby.

The materials used to manufacture this type of mattress are synthetic.

 Organic crib mattresses

Organic crib mattresses are more popular because they are made of natural materials such as organic cotton. However, they provide the same comfort as standard crib mattresses.

 Mattress chemicals

It is highly important to know if and what chemicals are used to make crib mattresses. It is to be noticed that organic crib mattresses is purely natural and contains no chemicals. On the other hand, standard crib mattresses contain various chemicals inside the material they are made of. They are dangerous because they emit gases, arsenic, antimony and phosphorus that will be inhaled by your baby while sleeping. For example they contain a non flammable substance to protect both the mattress and your baby from being injured in a fire.  These chemicals are dangerous because they can provide fungus occurrence. The mixture between these fungus and the chemicals can produce very harmful gases. These gases can cause infant death syndrome.

An organic mattress will never release any chemicals and dangerous gases and your baby will be safe. Achieving an organic mattress is the best option for your own peace of mind.


Organic mattresses are more expensive than standard mattresses; it depends on your available budget what you will choose for your baby’s crib. If you do not afford to buy an organic mattress, you can choose a standard one; just wrap it in order to avoid gases emission.

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