Tips to install a baby crib bumper

The best way to keep your baby safe while he or she is staying or playing into the crib is to install a baby crib bumper. If you follow some simple steps, you will see that it is not difficult at all to do it.

Check the crib

Analyze very attentively the crib to see where the bumper must be installed.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions to see which are the crib’s bumper headboard and foot board. Also measure the crib’s dimensions and write them on a piece of paper.

 Analyze the bumper kit

There are many baby bumper kits available on the market; choose a hypo-allergenic one in the same style as your bedding. If you have found a suitable kit, read the instructions in order to be able to determine the right place on the crib for each part of the bumper. Usually the shorter end of the panel will help you find out from where you should start.

Install the bumper

 Remove any toys or items in the crib before installing the bumper; you can leave the mattress there. Fit the short end of the panel inside the crib by securing its corner to the back corner of the headboard or foot board of the crib. Tie the cords to the outside of the crib and push the back section of the bumper until it is tight along the back rails. Make sure you fasten the bumper at the other back corner. After you have finished securing the back corners, tie the center back of the bumper. Once the back corners are secure, tie the front corners of the bumper in the same manner. Secure both the ties from the short end and those on the front section. Take care to overlap the cords before tying them to prevent gaping.

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