About patio awnings

A patio awning is an included part of the house that is used to provide shade and keep rainwater away and also to add charm to the building.

If you wish to install a patio awning to protect the outdoor furniture from external factors that increase the speed at which the furniture wears, you will also get the heat reduction feature in that area.

Even your window frames, if made of wood can get better protection from sun, rain and snow if you install a patio awning, thus reducing the speed at which the wood will deteriorate.

Having a patio awning will also allow you to open the window on rainy days. The awning also blocks a fair amount of natural light, so watching the TV or using the computer can be easily done because of the reduced glare on the monitors in the room.

A patio awning will reduce the heat for windows facing south by 65% and by 77% for those facing east or west. The patio is an additional feature to the house that needs to be taken into consideration.

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