About patio heaters

Patio heaters are ideal for spending evenings on the patio even in cooler autumn weather. The most efficient and low-maintenance heaters are the ceiling ones. These heaters do not have the disadvantages of portable patio heaters.

The ceiling heaters work on either electric current or natural gas. Some of these heaters use radiant heat, thus heating the objects and persons in the area but not the air which makes them very efficient regardless of the weather.

Natural gas or propane fueled ceiling heaters work like portable heaters, heating the area through a reflecting dome.

Electric patio heaters can be used indoors too, if you ever think about closing a part of the patio. They are mounted to the ceiling and are very efficient because the fuel it uses is more economic and environmentally friendly. The amount of heat distribution is adjusted by a regulator.

Unlike gas fueled heaters, electric heaters do not require venting and are silent. Byproduct buildups will occur in gas heater when used. These deposits are very dangerous. Venting is crucial to maintain the gas heater up and running.

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