Barbeque grill - maintenance

Before you can reuse the barbeque grill you must clean it. This means getting rid of any spider webs and remnants of the last meal you cooked that might still be inside.

Cleaning the grill is easier than it seems.

Most of the time you just need to use a brush to clean it. Still, you have to read the grill manufacturer’s manual because some grills can’t  be cleaned with usual over cleaners.

Place plastic bags on the ground around the grill and then put the grill on top of some newspapers. Spray oven cleaner on the grill and then put another newspaper on the over cleaner.Place a plastic bag over the whole thing and let the cleaner do its job over night.

The following day, take off the bag and rinse the grill with soapy water. After that rinse it again with clean water and brush some vegetable oil on the grill to finish the cleaning.

Fire the barbeque grill for about 30-45 to sanitize it.

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