Extra room on a veranda or patio

A veranda or a patio is an area meant for relaxation. Storing items there is not a simple task you would think. There are methods of storing that won’t ruin the whole look and feel of the area.

Having a small summerhouse rather than a shed is a great way of storing items like gardening tools and plant pots. Bigger items, can be covered with a tarpaulin.

You need to make sure there aren’t items laying around the patio that ruin the whole look. If the summerhouse is out of the question, using planters is the next best thing.

A stepped planter that allows plating on different heights is another ingenious way of storing some pots more elegantly. Benches that have storage spaces under the seats are really effective in keeping the look of the area untainted.

There are many ideas of how to store items without disturbing the whole look of the veranda or patio.

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