Garden patio design

An outdoor garden patio requires a lot of planning. You need to think about the position of the patio, the size and type of the flower beds, the pathways and walkways and of course, the lighting features.

Limited spaces can be decorated using hanging baskets and smaller pots while larges spaces, can have raised flower beds as decorations.

For a more natural look and feel, you could use garden arbors and vine plants. If needed, a trellis can be used to assure shade.

You can choose from a wide variety of pots and plants to decorate the patio. You must take into consideration the weather conditions including the sunlight that the plants get. These elements will assure you that the plant will grow healthy and well.

The soil you use for the plants is very important. It must have enough nutriments and moisture to assure all the conditions the plants need. You can purchase potting mixes that contain peat moss, coir, vermiculite which are great for the garden.

Be creative with your garden patio, use your imagination and you will surely be pleased with the result.

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