Make your own concrete tiles

We find ourselves staring at concrete patio tiles and paving stones found on store shelves. But they are too expensive and we can’t find the exact design that we like. How about making your own concrete tiles?

Here we go.

Treat the mold with mold release spray. According to the instructions on the bag and with the help of a trowel mix water with concrete. The end result must be a composition not too stiff, but pourable. For a tinted concrete, add concrete pigment while mixing.

Use a flat surface to set your mold. Put a drop cloth under the mold to catch the concrete spills. After you fill the mold use the trowel to smooth the top. Let 48 hours to pass for the tile to set up.

Turn the mold upside down and tap easily until the tile falls. Put it away and leave it to cure for two days. After that you can use the tiles whenever you want.

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