Outdoor space and patio tips

To make an outdoor patio look pleasing and relaxing, you must think of it as another room of the house. This way, decoration and furnishing will be much easier.

Make the necessary measurements so that the furniture, accessories, planters and other things fit in the patio area.

Take into consideration factors like the direction the patio is facing, the amount of sun and shade available and the winds.

Plan the design of the whole patio. It can be a great place to relax, have some friends over for small talk, grill or barbeque, eat and just hang out. Make sure the furniture is positioned in a pleasant way, taking into consideration the way people will walk through the area, the seating places and the view people will have from all angles.

Chairs, sofas or gliders can all form a good seating area. The pieces of furniture must be 6-8 feet away from one another to assure enough space to move around. Place trees, bushes, shrubs and other ornaments around the patio to give the whole thing a pleasant look.

If you will have a grill on the patio, you must know the way wind blows so that you can position everything right. This way you will avoid the seating area from getting smoked and becoming unusable while the grill is on.

Fences, walls, trees and even shrubs can be used to block cold winds and keep the sunlight at a decent state. Awnings can be used to minimize heat in midday. The awnings can be retracted when the sun has set or when needed.

Patio umbrellas and trellises, pergolas or arbors are great ways of keeping the area shady and making the patio feel more private.

If you have a small patio, it will require only a couple of chairs and a small bistro table. A bigger patio on the other hand can have sofas, chairs, coffee tables, patio umbrellas and much more. The furniture can be found in many designs, shapes and sizes. The most frequently used materials for the furniture pieces are wicker, teak, wrought iron, cast aluminum, recycled plastic and casual aluminum.

The pieces of furniture can either be purchased separately or as a set, depending on the design. Adding other accessories like lamps, fire pits and heaters will enhance the whole look and feel of the patio.

An outdoor heater is great if you want to spend some time on the patio in late evenings or chilly days.Adding outdoor fireplaces like fire pits, chimeneas, gas fueled outdoor fireplaces and even the grills to the patio, aren’t only anĀ  esthetic improvement but also a functional one.

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