Patio cleaning

After a tough winter, the outdoor patio and furniture need some cleaning to recover their pleasant aspect.

First of all you need to clean the deck. Brush the debris away.

Then you need to choose a cleaner that works with water. The best cleaner is the Oxiclean Miracle Foam, that can clean up concrete also.

The furniture also requires cleaning. Use CLR Outdoor Furniture Cleaner because it is the best cleaner on the market.

If there are any metal or glass items that need cleaning, liquid car wax is the way to go. It leaves a protective coating and adds a shine to the item.

The final thing that needs cleaning is the grill. You have to use Dawn Power Dissolver. After that, use non-stick spray on the grill grates.

Grease stains on wood decks can be cleaned using a spray oven cleaner and rinsing the area. Grease stains on concrete require immediate cleaning as they are harder to remove with time.

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