Patio deck sealing

The most important maintenance related operation a patio deck needs is sealing. Especially if the deck is made of wood. Sealing it will protect it from external factors like rainwater and sun rays.


In colder climates, the sealant must be applied in spring and early autumn, because applying it later may make it much less effective. In hotter climates, you should apply the sealant in late spring.


Before you seal the deck you must remove any furniture that might be on it and then clean the deck using power wash and scrubbing it with a brush afterwards. Make sure the deck is completely dry before you seal it.

Don’t apply the sealant if outside temperature is bellow 50 degrees Fahrenheit and if there is a chance of rain in the next 24 hours. Use a brush, a roller or a sprayer to apply the sealant. Make sure it is properly pressed against the deck. Only one layer is needed for most patios.

You better be cautious with the patio. Wait more than 24 hours before moving the furniture back on the deck.

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