Patio design elements

An outdoor patio offers a great area to relax, dine or entertain yourself in anyway. First of all you must choose the purpose of the patio.It is somewhat more complicated to design a patio than to design a common 4 walled room.

You must take into consideration some things:


Before you can build and decorate anything, you must choose a certain theme for the patio design.

Cover and canopies

Choose from a wide variety of sun and rain protection features like aluminum patio covers, arbors, awnings, corrugated metal roof, gazebos, offset umbrellas, pergolas, sail shades, traditional roof, trees, trellis, and umbrellas.


The floor of the patio depends on the theme of the whole thing. You can choose from materials like wood, tile, concrete, brick,  stone, stone veneer, plain concrete, concrete pavers, brick, tile, stamped and colored concrete, and flagstone. Make sure you keep an eye on your budget and choose durable materials.

Outdoor furniture

Depending on the theme of the patio and its purpose, purchase suitable pieces of furniture like swings, rockers, garden benches, and chaise lounges. You can find these in a wide range of materials as wicker, aluminum, iron, wrought iron, rattan, and wood.


Try adding more color to the whole design. Make a transition of color between the interior of the house and the patio.

Other features

If your budget allows it and you wish to purchase other functional decorations, you can go for fountains, waterfalls, hot tubs, fireplaces and mini pools.

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