Patio design ideas

A proper patio can suit any of your needs. If you like having a barbeque, relax or have a casual conversation with your friends, the patio is the perfect place. Even when the sun sets, the patio can still be used with the proper lighting.

Patios can have different sizes, themes and designs. Depending on your taste, budget and the area you have to work with, you can make your patio into an attractive relaxation area.

Regardless if the patio is a existing one that needs rebuilding and restyling or if it is a new one, you need to think and plan the design, taking into consideration important factors like the weather. Focal points must be included in the design. These areas draw attention and usually consist in a statue, fountain or even a flower bed.

Areas with pools require patio umbrellas that come in various colors and designs. These umbrellas add a resort like feel to the patio. Dark green is the most popular color chosen.

Patio lighting is very important. It offers you the possibility to use the patio even at nighttime. Also, the lights add a very pleasant look and feel to the patio. They can be placed pretty much anywhere from ceilings and trees to pathways and walkways. For a more natural look, use torches and gazebos, as they also give a more romantic look to the patio.

Patio covers like awnings, umbrellas and others can be used depending on the climate of the location. Permanent covers like pergolas and metal roofs are recommended for more rainy climates.

Keep in mind the look of your property and your tastes when designing a patio that suits your relaxation and entertainment needs.

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