Patio designs

A patio requires a lot of thinking when it comes to the design. There are a some things you must take into consideration, like the backyard view, the sun and shade and yard landscape.


You must think if you want a single patio, which is not always the best idea, or if you want a series of patios, each with a different look and feel that are connected through walkways.

Each patio can be oriented to take advantage of a different perspective of the backyard.

Before starting anything, you must consider the visual assets of the backyard and the facing direction of the patio. Having the patio face the backyard of someone else is not recommended, while having the patio face something like a pond, a meadow or a valley is the right choice. If you do not have these views, you can try building a water feature that will enhance the backyard assets.

Make sure to take into consideration the need for sun and shade. Some patios can be reorientated depending on specific needs. Plants and trees can offer shades in certain areas of the patio. This way you will always profit of both sun and shade whenever you want.

After deciding on the place where the patio will be, think about the size. Many patios only fit a small table and a few closely spaced chairs. If you decide on building a patio, it should be at least 400 if not 500 square feet large.

Choose the furniture you will use for the patio. Adjust the arrangement of the furniture so that you have a comfortable amount of space between the pieces of furniture. This way you will also be able to tell how big the patio itself should be. Extra space is always good.

For more interesting patios, try planting dwarf trees that grow to a maximum of 12 feet and provide shade and a pleasant view in the night, especially if lit with upward pointing yard lights. Plating flower beds will also enhance the beauty of the patio.

Adding a water feature to the patio, like a fountain, a pond or a stream that runs down in the close proximity of the patio will enhance the pleasantness of the patio and its surroundings.

There are many materials you can build a patio out of. Each offers a different look and feel to the patio’s final stage. You can use patterned concrete, brick, flagstone, slate, tile and many other materials. Try combining materials, shapes and colors to create an original and beautiful new look. The fact that the patio must resist all exterior factors, doesn’t mean it mustn’t look amazing.

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