Patio designs - awnings

Patios are areas with the purpose of relaxation, dining and entertainment. Most of the time, sun is enjoyable, but when it becomes an issue, patio awnings are the solution.

Awnings can be retractable or fixed.

The awning itself is a cloth fixed to a steel or aluminum frame. A fixed awning remains in the same position as it is installed, while the retractable awning can be stowed and can be found either electrically powered or manually operated. The retractable awnings need to be uninstalled in winter time and reinstalled during spring. This way the awning will be protected and functional when needed.

The shade said is an alternative to the awning. It is made out of more smaller pieces of cloth that are anchored together  to tension points. These are portable and effective.

Nowadays, woven acrylic fibers have replaced the old canvas shade structures. Now they last longer, are more efficient in keeping sunlight away, and have different costs.

Overall, the awnings and shade sails protect you from the sun’s dangerous rays and reduce the amount of glare effectively.

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