Patio door rollers replacement


If the patio door is getting harder to open day by day, you must change the rollers on the door. These rollers can last for up to 15 years but wear out and so they must be replaced.

Most sliding patio doors are made of aluminum, but there are such doors made out of  wood or vinyl.

They have ball bearing rollers to slide on. Wood doors have adjusting screws at the bottom, so you must check them before you take the door out and replace the rollers. Slide a screwdriver under the door and lift the weight off the roller. Check if the door works better now.

If the door doesn’t have the screws at all, or they fail to turn, you must take out the door carefully and with help from someone else.

Aluminum and vinyl patio doors have a single screw to both mount the roller and adjust it. It can be adjusted without taking the door out of its place.

Vinyl patio doors wear off more than other types of doors. They also can be glued in place which doesn’t let them come off as easily. Be careful when handling such a door as it can break off easily.

When you reach the bottom of the patio door, fix it removing one screw or bending the metal tab and then reassemble the whole thing back as it was. Cover the roller that retains the screws with cork or rubber. Replace the door bottom and reinstall the screws, then adjust the rollers and align the door in the frame. Align the door lock with the adjusted height of the door. See if the door works out easier and if it does, your job is done.

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