Patio kitchen design

One of the most popular activities in America is outdoor grilling together with family and friends. An outdoor patio is ideal for enjoying yourself and grilling. For this, an outdoor kitchen is needed.

To accomplish a proper outdoor grilling activity you need side burners, warmers racks or rotisseries. Also food preparations, cookware serving bolls and kitchen tools are needed. Having a sink, a refrigerator included in the back of the grill is a good idea to decrease the costs of the whole project.The investment for all these things including the patio will require a budget of at least a few thousand dollars.

Kitchen design

You can choose from a few basic patio designs. The L-shaped design offers enough room for the grill and the food preparation. The U-shaped design has serving and preparation spaces on either side. The middle space is left open for customization.  The basic island is usual small and not really suitable for many people. The base of any such design is made of brick or stucco or anything that isn’t flammable.You can choose between a bar height serving area and a regular height when it comes to chairs.

Kitchen cabinets

Because the kitchen is outdoors, you need to use durable materials like marble, granite, brick or other for the cabinets and counter tops. Buy high quality cabinets. Wood is not ideal because it rots and is very flammable.

Kitchen appliances

The grill is the main appliance you will be using on an outdoor patio. You can either purchase a built-in one, or a movable one, which is more flexible. The grill can be either charcoal or gas powered. Regardless of the grill you choose, a waterproof cover is needed to protect the grill.

Kitchen lighting and shade

Shade in hot daytime is ideal. You can acquire patio umbrellas to protect the area of  harmful sun rays. Also, in the late evening, when sunlight is no longer a problem, you can use soft outdoor lighting to extend the time you spend outdoors. Purchasing a Galtech 9ft aluminum patio umbrella with lights will solve both issues, because it protects you during the day, and has LED’s that light the area during the night.

Kitchen Building

Make sure your budget can handle what you are about to purchase. Also, think about how many people will occupy the patio. After you finished planning everything, you can either start building yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. If the eating area is inside the house, smoke is not an issue. If the dining area is outside, then having the grill 36 inches high is enough to keep smoke away.

The outdoor patio kitchen is a great addition to the house that will surely offer you the ideal relaxation and entertainment area.

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