Patio paving - Blue stone

A very good material to use for patio construction is blue stone. It can be found in either natural shape or rectilinear.

Natural blue stone

Natural blue stone can be laid down using mortar or dry laid.

The patters that can be achieved are irregular but pleasant. The edges of the stones can be designed either curvilinear or straight and can represent the patio edge.


The stones come in many sizes so customizing your own pattern is an affordable idea. You can combine different sizes and lay the stones either diagonal or perpendicular to the house. The color variation of the blue stone also offers a limited amount of customization.


Usually, although the blue stones should be square, it isn’t, so fitting it into place isn’t always as proper and simple as it should be. this happens because in the quarry, the stones aren’t always cut straight.

You can order blue stones and use only the pieces that are straight and fit in nicely or you can cut all the pieces that aren’t perfectly square so that they are. Anyway, the process will be affected and so will the costs.

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