Proper landscaping tips


Proper landscaping can save you a lot of money. Energy expenses, water consumption, pesticides and lawn maintenance costs will be considerably lower if you plan the landscaping properly. If you plan on planting a tree, make sure you know how big it will be when it is fully grown.

Tall trees mustn’t be placed under power lines.Proper landscaping can save you money on your energy bill of between $100 – $250.

You must take into consideration 3 main factors. The orientation of the house towards the sun, the shade needed and the wind direction and strength. To assure that your budget doesn’t suffer, make sure to buy gravel, topsoil and other materials needed at off-peak prices. You will get quality materials cheap.

Safety and caution is necessary. Keep tools like wheelbarrows, buckets and containers away from the sun and upside down to keep them dry. Use vegetable oil on the rakes and shovels before using them to keep the edges sharp and the tools rust-free.

Visit the local gardener and ask him what plants are best for the area you live in. You may pay more for some plants but they require minimal maintenance and enhance the overall look of the yard.

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