Simple patio design ideas

Before construction and decoration, you need to plan the patio design. You need to take into consideration the weather factors and exploit the view it has.

The patio requires a focal point.

This area will draw attention and add a great esthetic improvement. Such focal points can be fountains, a statue, or even flower beds.

Patio lighting is very important. It will not only make the patio usable during nighttime but also to add a great feel to it. Lights can be placed pretty much anywhere, from ceilings to trees. Torches add a more natural look. It’s all up to your decision.

The material of the patio cover can vary. It depends mostly on the weather. For warm climates, awnings and umbrellas are the way to go, whilst for colder climates, gazebos, corrugated metal roof and pergolas are the right choice.

The design you choose must fir the living space and be as appealing to you as possible.

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