Simple patio ideas

Through proper designing, a patio, regardless of its size, can be transformed into a comfortable and stylish area.

Patio floor

You have many designs to choose from. You can use brick, stone, flagstone, concrete paving and tiles.

Even the simplest design, isn’t dull if you use different materials for the patio floor.

Patio furniture

Depending on the patio’s purpose, you need to choose furniture that will fit in. You can outdoor furniture that fits for a grill or choose more comfortable furniture, suitable for relaxation and conversations with family and friends.

Patio lighting

Patio lighting makes the patio usable at evening and night time. It also creates a more pleasant atmosphere. The lights can be installed pretty much anywhere from ceilings, patio covers and trees to pathways and flower beds.

Patio focal points

Depending on the dimensions of the patio, you can create a focal point that will draw attention and make the area stand out. Installing fountains, trellises and pools make the area much more pleasant. For small patios, you can use flower beds as focal points.

A simple patio design isn’t necessary dull. Use your imagination and make the patio stand out, regardless of its size. Inexpensive furniture and decorations can do the job as good as costly ones.

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