What is a patio?

A patio is a an outdoor area, also known as a courtyard or a forecourt, used as a recreational space or for dining or entertainment. Patios are either surrounded by walls or are sided terraces that can have a roof.

The most usual materials used for building patios are: bricks, tile, cut or natural paving stones, poured concrete


In Australia and India, the patio is an outdoor balcony or verandah.

In Iran, the patio is a small quiet and private yard within a property. In Oulu, Finland, patio is a furnished terrace that serves as a drinking area outside a pub or restaurant.

Patios can include

  • outdoor furnishings, built-in and movable
  • landscape lighting
  • outdoor fireplaces and radiant heaters
  • container gardens
  • fountains and statues
  • umbrellas and adjustable awnings
  • barbecues and outdoor kitchens
  • entertainment systems
  • bird feeders and bird baths
  • spas and swimming pools
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