Do it yourself - install paving tiles

If you want a pathway with a natural look and an interesting appearance, add pavers to the landscape. The range of materials is large, so you can choose any style, size, color you want and think it goes well with your garden and landscape. It is easy to install the tiles because once you have the area ready there is only the matter of placing the pavers.

Mark the area where the tiles will be installed with a spray paint in order to see more easily the model. Measure the width and length of the path and multiply the numbers to obtain the square foot of tiles needed.

Make sure there is no grass or soil on the pathway. Also, the entire path should have the width and length. The depth of the pathway is composed from a half of inch of gravel and the thickness of the construction materials.

The next step is to spread the gravel along the whole pathway. It must have half of an inch in thickness. With a compactor level the possible ridges or bumps of the soil before placing the pavers.

Spread the tiles as you desire. Don’t leave spaces between the pavers so they won’t move around when they will be fixed in their place. Use a stone saw to model the tiles that don’t fit.

The final step to a prepared pathway is to fill the empty spaces that may remain after setting the tiles. This is accomplished by spreading fine sand on the area. Use a push broom to brush the extra sand. Make sure that the holes are deeply filled with the material. Finally, wet the pathway with a hose so that the sand can harden.

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