How to make concrete paving tiles

You want to pave the yard, pathway or walkway? How about doing it yourself by fabricating your own paving tiles? You can add pigments in the mortar and create different sizes and shapes. Also, you will pay less money on the materials than on the actual tiles.

Here we go.

In a wheelbarrow you mix the concrete with water, being careful to follow the instructions on the packages. After the cement is all wet, add the pigments if you chose them for the project. A measuring cup will help you add the required quantities. You will know when to stop stirring when the mixture has a consistent color.

Buy plastic mold for your tiles. They usually come in sets, so it’s alright to get more than one. Line them with wax paper or paving mold liner and pour concrete inside them until you reach the surface of the hallow mould.

After 24 hours the mixture is all dried out and you can pull the tile out of the molding box.

hallow mould, molding box, pigments in the mortar, plastic mold, wax paper, wheelbarrow