How to Make Your Own Cement Paving Stones

Making paving stones could be a creative activity to do with your family. At the end you will have decorative stones which you could use to make a walkway through the garden or a path across the lawn, use as support for flower pots or for embellishment purposes only.

Buy a sack of cement and mix a batch according to instructions.

You can use a bucket or a wheelbarrow but try to make only as much as you can use once, otherwise it will dry. Also, take into account how much your molds can hold.
Before filling the molds, spray them with cooking oil. Fill them using an old soup ladle or a children’s sand pail, then tap them to the ground to avoid air bubbles. Use something to level it with, like a piece of scrap lumber.

If you want to decorate them you can use cookie cutters or drawings made with craft sticks but wait until the cement sets, when it has the consistency of brownie batter, and then have your way with it. Once it’s dry, flip them over and tap or simply cut the aluminum if the molds are expendable.

When they are completely cured, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, spray them with two coats of sealant to prevent damages caused by weather conditions.

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