Installation of tiles over the sidewalk - how is made

Have you ever thought of laying tiles in your yard, over a sidewalk? The look of the area will certainly change and you can make this change yourself.

Clean the sidewalk with a hose and hard scrubbing brush. Fill in the cracks with concrete patch compound.

Wait for the material to dry out. Spread scooped small pieces of set mortar with a notched trowel.
The tile membrane will be aligned with the corners of the end of the sidewalk and the edge of it. Unroll it until it reaches the other end and let the mortar to set.

Take a chalk and mark the center of the sidewalk’s length. You will need this later in the process.

Take the notched trowel to spread a new layer of mortar on the sidewalk in order to cover the width of the surface. Place the mortar on areas of 3 foots in length.

Now it’s time to place the tiles. Begin from the center of the chalk line and work your way through the surface whilst covering 3 foot surfaces in length. Use rubber spacers for each joint between the tiles.

Let the tiles overnight untouched. Remove the spacers. Place grout over the joints using al rubber trowel – run its flat end over the surface to press the material down the empty spaces. Clean the drips from the tiles with a damp cloth.

concrete patch compound, joint between the tiles, layer of mortar, notched trowel, pieces of set mortar, rubber spacers, rubber trowel, tile membrane