Learn how to pave with mortar

Pavements with mortar are different from pavements in sand because of the extra longevity and the solidness. Planning it is also a challenge because there are more steps to be followed than in normal sand paving and once it’s done it cannot be changed.

You need protective gear as cement can burn if in direct contact with skin.

You are then advised to wear long pants and shirt or coveralls and do not forget your gloves.

Prepare the surface by digging out the soil with a shovel. You will need to slant the surface away from the house and make space for the slabs and an extra 1 ¼ inches. To ensure longevity and less maintenance lay a weed-blocking membrane.

Now prepare the cement by mixing 4 parts sand for every 1 part cement in a wheelbarrow and add water. Test the consistency by sticking your shovel in the mixture – if it says upright it’s good, but make sure it’s not too hard and you can’t actually model it.

Before starting, keep in mind that the gaps should all be equal and all the lines parallel or perpendicular if you want to succeed in making an attractive patio. Start covering with mortar, one slab at a time. Make it 1 ½ inches thick and smooth it, checking the slant with a level – it should slant away from the house. Place the slab then tap it with a rubber mallet to settle it in the mortar and angle it away from the house. Do so for all the slabs and keep the slope so that it makes a uniform plane. If mortar gets on the surface of the slabs wash it away periodically before it hardens.
When done, surround the surface with a layer of mortar to secure it in place.

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