Maintenance of paving slabs

Your paved walkways, driveways or patios need a little bit of maintenance too. The slabs used to make the pattern, whether they are big or tile-sized need cleaning because they are generally made from stone, concrete or rock and, as such, they are prone to weather stains and dirt deposits. When cleaning them, keep in mind that these materials are porous and they absorb water along with detergents if any are used.

For light situations use a hose. Set it to the highest level to spray dirt and dust. If you want to mop, then in the bucket mix 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap per gallon of hot water and you can then mop the paving slabs. If stains or dirt persists, you can take a brush and brush those spots with the mixture of water and soap. When done, be sure to rinse very well and let it air dry.

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