Natural Stone Paveways - Do It Yourself

Why not create a rustic pathway for your home? With natural stone you save money and supplies and you can let your imagination run wild as you can create whatever pattern you want – you can also do a dry construction or use mortar to hold the stones together.

You can simply use the stones lying around your property, or neighbors or friends who don’t need them. Go for large, preferably flat stones or at least one perfectly flat face.

Transport them to the location of the pavement then arrange them on the grass into a path way, at least 2 feet wide, leaving spaces between them – 1-2 inches.

For each stone, cut a hole with an utility knife, empty it only as much as it is necessary with a shovel or a garden spade and place the stone into its intended space. Do one at a time, as you should place the stone immediately in it’s hole. You should put the sod into a wheelbarrow and take it to a location where you can dispose of the contents or reuse it another project.

Adevice: Don’t place the natural stones like stepping stones. Excavate the path, place the stones and fill in the empty spaces with gravel.

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