Stepping stones in the decor of your garden

Cherish your garden. It is a little piece of heaven for both the eyes and the spirit.
There are several ways for taking care of a garden: from decorating it to regular maintenance.

As for the décor, with several objects you can beautify your green space. Important accessories from the whole range are the stepping stones. They will save your shoes when walking after a rain and protect the grass or flowers from stepping on them. Plus, taking regular walks in the garden is a blissful activity.

So, you just have to pick a certain type, size and design and you are going to walk in your garden.

Our first suggestion is rocks as material. They are resistant, comfy to walk on, provide adherence. Good examples are: limestone, slate, quartzite. The last mentioned is the most charming of them all because it shines when the light from the sun falls upon it.

You can use some stamping kits and make your own stepping stones from concrete. Personalize the models and you can build an entire work of art or even write names on the stones.

For the more practical people, there is the option to choose an existing model. The market provides a lot of models, colors, materials. You can even settle with multicolored river rocks. Animal designs or herbal ones can be engraved on stones made out of cast resin, with different colors. As for models there are hearts, snails, butterflies, stars, leaves, flowers, sun and so on.

You can go wild on design and color, but be careful with the size. Choose something not too small or too big. A recommended measure is 14 inches deep and 18 inches wide. Also, place them so you can easily step on them. Measure the space between your footsteps. As a final tip, install the stones higher than the ground. They will be easier to clean and to spot.

With these being said, go on and decorate your garden into an Eden of happiness and tranquility.

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