Terracotta tiles

Add a nice touch to your outside cement steps with terracotta tiles. They are durable and look very good.

When you buy them, be sure to take a bigger quantity than needed because you may never know what can come up.

If a tile breaks, do not glue it back together. Use a new one instead.

Visualize the pattern on which you will set the tiles by placing them on the steps.

The material is very porous so it will suck up the water from the cement mixture. So, before putting them in place, soak them in water.

Next, prepare the cement by mixing it with sand – keep a 4 to 1 quantity proportion. When it becomes thick and pasty, with a trowel, lay it on the stairs up to ¼ – ½ inches. Smooth the layer and make it even.

Put the tiles and press them gently in the cement. In the spaces remaining between them, place grout. A grout gun can help to do this in straight lines. If you don’t have grout you can use cement. Clean the tiles with a wet cloth before the cement sets.

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