Using paving tiles

If you want to refresh the look of your patio or cover up an ugly stain, an easy way to do so is to use paving tiles. They are made from thin tiles and especially designed for placing over asphalt or concrete using a masonry adhesive.

Before applying the tile you need to measure the surface – be it patio, driveway or walkway.

Determine the center and mark it with chalk as you will start applying them from here to the edge. This will help give a clean, even look to your patio. You can also use special paving tiles with curved edges for placement along 90-degree edges.

Cover the back of the first tile with adhesive then place it centered over the chalk mark and gently tap it with a rubber mallet to set it up. You can place a level over the tile to make sure you place it perfectly horizontal. Place spacers and continue placing tiles in the pattern you choose, working outward in all directions. Leave the edge.

Once done, go to the edges, place the necessary tiles, place a dry towel over the open spots and draw the cutting lines with a pencil, one by one. Cut the tiles with a tile cutter. Now put the cut tiles in place using the same method as before and set them in place. When finished, start filling the spaces between tiles with tile grout. Force and smooth the grout into the spaces using a joint tool.

Give it a finishing touch by paving the sides of the surface as well, or the surrounding concrete lip – if it has one. You will need to measure each tile and cut it accordingly though, before adhering them in place, then fill the spaces with grout as well.

adhesive, concrete lip, joint tool, masonry adhesive, measure the surface, rubber mallet, tile cutter, tile grout