Advantages and disadvantages of cedar hot tubs

If you take into consideration both the advantages and disadvantages of a cedar hot tub you will find out that you have more advantages because this is a great wood for building hot tubs.


Hot tubs made out of cedar are cheaper than the once made of acrylic or fiberglass even if they have the same characteristics. The price for a two person hot tub made of cedar is somewhere between $1200 and $1400 when a hot tub made of other materials is around $1800 to $2200.


Cedar is waterproof and that makes it as durable as before being in contact with water. You will not find this characteristic at the most woods. Cedar will expand from the contact with water. This a very good thing because it needs to hold in the water completely. The water will not seep through.


A big disadvantage is that the cedar hot tub is hard to clean. Acrylic and fiberglass hot tubs are easy to clean and that is the reason for many cedar hot tubs to contain acrylic and fiberglass in the tub making it easier to clean.


One of the biggest selling points of cedar is that it’s avoiding molds. It should be a big priority because wood is much harder to clean than other materials.


One more reason to choose cedar is the look of it. It’s elegant and it will stay like this even if kept outdoors. Cedar will endure bad weather and still prove its durability.


One more advantage of cedar is the smell released when it comes in contact with hot water or steam. This is a new experience added to the relaxing massage and the warm bubbles. On the other hand, the synthetic hot tubs will give you an unpleasant smell of chemicals.

Bug repellent

Because cedar naturally keeps away bugs as moths, you will no longer need to use your bug spray. This is another great advantage.

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