Advantages and disadvantages of portable hot tubs

There are a few factors to consider when trying to decide whether to buy a portable hot tub or stick with the traditional permanent tub.


One of the best things about the portable hot tub is the ability to move it around depending on your current preferences. If something’s not right with the area the tub is now, you just have to empty it and move it somewhere else.

A portable hot tub doesn’t require an underground electric installation to function and it works off a common 120 volt electric outlet. Thus, a professional’s help isn’t needed. Also, a portable hot tub will cost a lot less than a permanent one.


Because of the low power use, a portable hot tub will lack the heating capacity and of a permanent hot tub and will also lack hot water jets, having air blown around the inside of the tub, making the water usable and hot for around 15-30 minutes only. Wear and tear is another issue for portable hot tubs, especially for inflatable types.

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