Cedar hot tub building

Good looking, strong and lightweight, this will be the cedar hot tub that you will build.

First step

You need to find a place for your hot tube that it will endure its weight. After that you will cut lengths cedar for the hot tub.

The dimension is set by the dimension of the tub, small or big.

Wood preparation

Take the hole saw and make holes in the bottom of the tub as big as the suction of your tub. The hole must be unreachable and in the same time it never should be more than 5 inches far. Using the same tool, make holes in to the staves where the jets will be. Near the holes for suction, cut a last hole in another stave for the hot tub skimmer.

Chine joists

Put the chine joists on the ground and secure them with bolts to support the hot tub. The bigger joists must be put in the center. Secure the tub with bolts after you put it on the joists and be sure nothing will stick up or out.


Put the suction fittings into the holes made for them. Attach the staves around the tubs bottom interlocking with each other. Slide the tub bands over them tightened until they are firm, one resting 20 inches from top and one 20 inches from bottom.


Above and under the tub bands, hammer nails being careful they are equal spaced. Use epoxy sealant, which must be warm, to seal the seams that the tub will be water tight. Let it 24 hours to dry. Put the bench supporters in a ring around the tub. Be sure you don’t cover the holes created and nail the benches.

Attach the skimmer and connect the PVC pipe to the suction fitting and after that seal it. Use PVC seal and attach all the accessories. Install the water pump for high and low speed jets, thermowell to the water filter and heater and the timer with the control box.

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