Facts about the main sauna accessories

The most important elements of a high quality sauna are its accessories because they will help you complement your sauna and make your experience more satisfying. There are several accessories that can be used during a sauna session:

Loofah sponges

Besides the fact that these accessories are biodegradable and have no negative effect on the environment, they have also several benefits. For example, they can be used to stimulate blood circulation, thus alleviating rheumatic or arthritic pains.

They also improve the aspect of the skin by removing dead cells.

Sauna brushes

Sauna brushes are used to massage and clean the skin by scrubbing. There are three types of brushes that can help you both improve your blood circulation and exfoliate dead skin cells:

– brushes with long handles;

– brushes with detachable handles;

– brushes with no handles.

Sauna buckets

Sauna buckets are usually made of pine, copper or cedar and they are used to keep water during traditional Finnish style rock sauna sessions. Make sure you achieve a liner for your wooden sauna bucket, otherwise the heat and the steam can damage it.

Sauna fragrances

There are many different natural fragrances available on the market such as: wintergreen, lime, lemon, menthol, eucalyptus, spruce, pine and birch. Sauna fragrances and essences can complete your sauna sessions and make them more pleasant and relaxing.

Sauna headrests and backrests

Sauna headrests are used to support your head while backrests help you provide a higher level of comfort for your back. They both can be used as a footrest when needed.

Sauna ladles

The most important accessory that a sauna should include is the ladle or dippers. Sauna ladles are used to toss water on the hot rocks in order to produce steam and vapors. They are usually made of wood, but they can also present copper or stainless steel parts. There are also ladles that present leather straps.

Take care to use your sauna ladle to pour the exact amount of water on the rocks. This accessory will also keep your hands away from the rising steam while you are tossing water onto the sauna rocks.

Sauna peg racks

Sauna peg rocks or hangers are used to support the bather’s towels or bathrobe inside the sauna or near it. Sauna peg racks can have four, five or even six dowel peg hooks and are usually made of wood.

Sauna soap

Sauna soap can be used both before and after a sauna session to moisturize your skin. The most popular sauna soaps are usually hypoallergenic and have a pine or birch fragrance.

Sauna timers

You can also equip your sauna with a timer in order to control how long will you stay inside. There are traditional and electronic timers available on the market.

Sauna whisks

The Finnish wihta or vasta represents a leafy birch twigs used to stimulate blood circulation and clean the bather’s skin. The bather slaps himself with these twigs very carefully without causing any pain. In areas where birch twigs are not available they can be replaced by cedar or pine. Oak, maple, hazel, eucalyptus or mountain ash can also be used.

Thermometers and hygrometers

Mercury or alcohol thermometers are used to measure the temperature inside the sauna while hygrometers measure the humidity level. Both thermometers and hygrometers can be achieved separately or combined as one item.

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