Healthy sweat

People believe that sweating is a bad thing that can make you feel really embarrassed. TV commercials for deodorants and antiperspirants also sustain this wrong theory about perspiration. Although it is undesirable to sweat while you are taking part to an important business or personal meeting, it would be a mistake not to recognize the necessity of perspiration and the role it plays in our health.

Sweating is as important as sleeping, breathing or eating. This biological process helps human body to control its temperature and eliminate toxins. The skin is also called “the third kidney” due to its ability to get toxins out of the body through perspiration.

Toxins are removed from human body through several processes such as urination and perspiration. The function of the kidneys is also to eliminate waste materials and the excess of water from our bodies. The apocrine and eccrine sweat glands excrete toxins through perspiration.

Due to these health benefits that perspiration provides, people shouldn’t try to stop or reduce this biological process. On the contrary, they should find a private place to help their bodies sweat heavily. In order to accomplish this task, a residential sauna would be perfect. There are two types of saunas available on the market: traditional Finnish saunas and far infrared saunas. The temperatures inside a Finnish sauna range from 80 to 95 degrees Celsius (180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit) while far infrared saunas provide more tolerable temperatures (24to 57 degrees Celsius / 73 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit). Both sauna types provide enough humidity and heat to make human body sweat abundantly. It is to be noticed that perspiration caused by the heat inside a sauna removes almost all toxins and heavy metals accumulated inside the human body, including here zinc, nickel, mercury and lead. It also eliminates nicotine, cholesterol, sulfuric acid and sodium. Sauna intense sweat baths stimulates blood circulation thus helping the skin to improve its elasticity, texture and tone. Although sauna baths have so many health benefits, don’t forget to drink as many liquids as possible when you are inside in order to avoid dehydration. At the same time, discuss with your personal physician before using a sauna for the first time if you have some health problems that concern you. Do not believe anymore that perspiration is bad, but on the contrary, try to sweat as much as possible!

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