High quality pre-cut saunas

Everybody knows how many health benefits sauna baths provide. There are many types of saunas available on the market, but most people believe that pre-cut kits are the best because they offer you the possibility to build a residential sauna with your own hands. Besides the fact that pre-cut saunas can be very easily assembled, manufacturers also include in the kit very detailed instructions to help their customers.

Reputable companies produce and retail deluxe do-it-yourself sauna kits which include all the necessary materials and a detailed and illustrated instruction book called “The sauna building”. This sauna type comes with:

–  1”x4 tongue and groove clear made of Western Red Cedar;

– Two benches made of Western Red Cedar measuring 2”x4” ; a complete cedar door ( including a window, door casing, stops, frame and all hardware);

– Cedar duck-board flooring;

– The sauna’s walls and ceiling are provided with aluminum foil vapor barrier;

– A sauna bather;

– Sauna rocks;

– All necessary accessories and hardware.

Sauna dealers also present to their customers various pre-cut sauna types in order to help them choose the one that best fits for them. Their craftsmen can produce custom saunas depending on their buyer’s preferences.

Sauna manufacturers can be found on their websites that can help customers make the difference between various do-it-yourself sauna kits and choose the one they need. It is to be mentioned that some companies use high quality materials to manufacture their sauna kits. For example, Western Red Cedar is one of the best wood used to build saunas because its low-density provides a superior insulation, has a high impermeability, it is durable, stays straight and holds paint very well.

Some sauna heaters are made of stainless steel and provide an improved system to release the heat. Besides that, these sauna heathers meet all the necessary safety requirements and standards. Pre-cut sauna kits also come with “The sauna building” book, which offers both detailed instructions about sauna construction and a short history of sauna use.

If you want to find out more about the saunas retailed and manufactured by different companies, explore their website or visit their headquarters.

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