Home sauna planning

Over the history, many people, like the Finns, have found the invigorating effect of the sauna.

Over the 2000 years some version existed in the cultures of Native Americans, Mayans, Eskimos, Russians, Romans and Greeks. The dry heat is making us to transpire and it cleans the skin, our bodies and sinuses, helps circulation, calms down the muscular tension, helps lungs, treat acne by opening the skin pores.

The simplest definition of a sauna is an insulated heated room, made out of wood. Its temperature stays from 160 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Seats are made of boxes, with two or three tiers of benches made out of wood.

The panels from the interior are made of softwoods with low density that can stand against the heat and not absorbing it. The wood will have a nice feeling when touched, even though there are high temperatures. Rocks, like granite, with the size of a fist, are dispersed in the enclosed room to make heat. This type of rock is made by applying very high temperatures and big pressures so it won’t crack when it will absorb extreme temperatures. The stones are heated with the help of electricity, gas or wood stoves, which are the cheapest choice and it provides the most authentic experience. The bad thing is that it takes a long time to heat up the room and you must clean the ashes after. The gas stoves are cheaper and it is easier to install and use them than the electrical ones, but the bad thing is that you will need to run a gas line to the stove. Finally, the electrical stove is the most compact, capable and easy to install but it also is the most expensive. You must be really ambitious if you want to build a sauna from scratch, but you have many kits available, like prefabricated saunas (which includes all you need like: hardware, sauna stoves, benches, doors, and wood for panels, frame and ceiling) to help you ease your work. The prefabricated saunas are made for every type of room and you also can use them outdoor. The manufacturer is including pre-cut saunas to customer specifications and all the materials you need, but you have to assemble more.

Because a lot of people are going in open air or taking a cool bath after a heat bathing in the sauna, if you have a pool, a pond or a stream, you may want to build your sauna somewhere near them or near a shower and a dressing room. This heat up and cool off is bringing us much closer to the refreshing and healing experience known by the people of Finland for millenniums.

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