Hot tub accessories

A hot tub can have many useful accessories that can improve its use and help you enjoy it better.

Side steps

You can have steps made out of various materials. The non skid steps are the best because they allow you to enter and exit the hot tub without having to get your legs over the side of the pool.

These stairs increase the safety of the hot tub use.

Side umbrella

A side umbrella is a very useful accessory that keeps harmful solar rays away from you while you use the hot tub. The umbrella doesn’t have to be attached to the tub, it just has to be secured into a base next to the tub, so that it shades it.

Water vacuum

To increase the lifespan of your hot tub, you can use a water vacuum, attached to a water hose, to clean off any dirt and debris that might have gotten into the tub.

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