Hot tub cover repair tips

The hot tub cover is a very important accessory especially if the tub is constantly kept outside, suffering from temperature and humidity changes which can deal a high amount of damage.


In spring time, you should perform the basic cleaning and maintenance steps regardless if you used the tub lately or not. Later on, in the middle of the summer, repeat the cleaning and maintenance process.

In autumn, right before you put your tub away for the cold weather, check if anything requires replacing.

Vinyl tears

In case you find tears in the vinyl, you can fix this issue in two ways. You can either use colored duct tape to cover the holes or use vinyl cement on the top of the cover to repair the tears.

Vinyl replace

You can send the producer’s company the measurements of the vinyl cover and have them send you another cover that will fit perfectly.

Rusted clasps

Check for any rusted clasps that can be spotted after a long time of use. Cut the rusted bits and replace them with the right component, bought from the producer’s company.

Waterlogged cover

If the vinyl shell is torn, the foam will soak rapidly. Replace the piece with a dry one and then tape the rip.

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