Hot tub covers

You can choose from a variety of hot tub covers. Theses covers can be as thick and hard as you need them to be. Also, they come in different colors that can match the surroundings or your personal taste.

Soft and rolling cover

The soft and rolling cover can be stored quite easily when needed. It is the most frequently used for indoor and often used tubs. It is usually made of vinyl, thin foam and a plastic vapor barrier.

Tonneau cover

The tonneau cover is a hard cover that is usually used for outdoor hot tubs. Even though it is harder to use, it offers a much higher degree of protection than a soft cover. It has double hinges that allow it to be opened from either side. This allow you to use the tub without taking the entire cover off.

Solar cover

The solar cover will keep your water clean and hot and so reduce the energy bills. It is not usually used as a protection cover.

Seasonal cover

In case the hot tub remains outdoors in winter time, a seasonal cover must be used. It will cover the entire tub instead of its top only and will protect it from frost and thaw and increase its lifespan.

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