Hot tub foundations

One of the most important things you must take into consideration when installing a hot tub is the foundation. The base must be strong enough to hold the tub and accommodate the needed plumbing and electrical systems.

Cement pad base

When installing a hot tub indoors you must use a cement pad.

The cement must be poured next to the area where the plumbing and electrical system will be.

Cement paver base

You can use cement pavers to make the tub foundation outdoors and sometimes indoors. Because the tub’s base doesn’t have a regulated flat shape, you must use the pavers to form the tub shape.

Gravel base

For outdoor hot tub foundations you can use gravel. The gravel must be well set to hold the tub into place. Avoid tub damage by assuring a proper drainage system. Having small showers along the base of the tub to avoid contaminating the tub is recommended.

Concrete base

If you wish to install a hot tub outdoors especially in an enclosed chamber you can use a concrete foundations. You need to fill the spaces and shapes in the bottom of the tub. The foundation has to the at least 6 inches thick so it can support the weight of the tub.

Prefabricated base

A less expensive hot tub base is the prefabricated type that is made out of interlocking pads that must be laid on a compact surface.

Decking base

If you wish to place the hot tub on a deck you must be sure it can support the weight of the tub. If you are not sure of it’s integrity you must hire an engineer to take care of the job. Keep in mind that the deck must support plumbing and electric systems.

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