Hot tub placement

You need to keep in mind a few things when placing your hot tub in the proper place.


A very important factor of the hot tub placement is the surface it sits on. It must withstand the weight of the tub.

A concrete base about 10 cm thick with reinforced with steel bars represents a very good hot tub base. The components of the indoor or outdoor spa must be easy accessible. Make sure there is a distance of 10 feet between the hot tub and power lines.

Indoor placement

If you want to put a hot tub indoors, you need to assure proper ventilation to avoid moisture from building on the ceiling walls and floor. Before installing the hot tub you must install a drainage system. You can use a submersible pump to empty the tub.

Outdoor placement

An outdoor hot tub must have a proper foundation, drainage system and ventilation system. The water must be changed more often because of exterior elements. Keep the water clean by placing a cover on the tub when you don’t use it.

Screened-in porch hot tub

A hot tub placed in a screened-in porch location is a very convenient thing. The water will stay clean and ventilation isn’t an issue. A drainage system installation must still be carried on.

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