Hot tub use and maintenance costs

The money you will spend on a hot tub will go beyond its initial price. Be sure to take into consideration the money you will need to spend on maintenance, water changing, new filters, servicing and chemicals.

Water changing

You will need to change the water in the tub.

For this, you will need to pay for the water, a pump, cleaning chemicals for the tub and test strips.


Filters must be cleaned using a garden hose but after a while, they must be replaced. Filters help clean the water and reduce the need of chemicals. Make sure to choose the right filter option. Take into consideration every price, brand size and provider.


Make sure you test the water in the tub using test strips. This must be done at least once a week. It’s purpose is to check if the chemicals are in the right amount.


Chemicals are used to keep the water in the hot tub clean. Too many chemicals can seriously affect your health. Chlorine and bromine are the most known and used chemicals. Chlorine is the most commonly used but it affects your health. Bromine is a more costly alternative. You will need to buy a certain amount of chemicals depending on the size of the hot tub, how well the hot tub filters function and how often you use the hot tub. Water makes bacteria and algae less likely to occur.


A professional can offer you different services like cleaning and maintaining the hot tub. The prices depend on the contractor and service. Some professionals can offer you a different service plan that match your needs.

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