Hot tub wiring process

Almost everyone can wire a hot tub with the right tools. If you want to replace an old one or wire a new hot tub you can easily learn this process.

Avoid shocks and water

You need to be sure that there is no water in the tub and the water valve is cut-off and do not forget to shut the hot tub power off.

This way you will avoid any shocks.


Check the primary pump, secondary pump and the blower connection so that the pump will correctly connect to the hot tub.

Disconnecting the hot tub

Pull the plug from the control unit, to disconnect the pump.

Ins and outs

Take away the water inlet and the water outlet connectors. If you have an old hot tub, replace them. You can buy the connectors from pool and spa stores.

Control unit

You must plug the electrical connection into the control unit. Be sure the power is not on.


Connect the water being sure you will not have any water loss.


Turn it on after you have checked the connections twice.


When the hot tub starts to fill, watch out for leakage. Start the pump just after you are sure there are no leaks, otherwise shut off the water.

Have fun

Now all you need to do is have some good time in the hot tub.


The size of your tub will determinate the type of the pump you need to use because there are different models and even single or dual-speed preferences. If you have many jets you will need a big pump. To skip the fitting problems when you already have a hot tub, buy the same type of pump as the old one.

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